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Company Profile


Multinational companies working in the field of Semiconductors, Electronic Design Automation and Integrated Circuits Development have a constant pressure on cost. They also constantly work on reducing time to market. These companies either outsource certain technical steps in the value chain in order to concentrate on their core competencies or as a second alternative they offshore some of their operations. Countries like India, China and also Egypt have highly qualified engineers in the area of IC Design & EDA and are profiting from this trend. Scenario Design Servicesí mission is to become an invaluable and reliable business partner in IC Design & EDA Consulting through offering knowledgeable solutions and unique services.

Our Solution

The various and complicated technical steps of the IC design flow mandate the availability of a high caliber experienced team of engineers. which most of the time is not easy to find and allocate not neglecting the high cost of these resources, big companies suffer from high costs due to the higher life standards in Europe and the United States. In many cases they have instant market demands in specific areas and lack experienced resources. Our solution is based on offering:

  1. High caliber consultants at very competitive prices
  2. Exceptional responsiveness to client needs
  3. Superior project management
  4. Enhancing own know-how through knowledge exchange within the team and thus reusing it for new projects
  5. Both on-site and off-site models are supported

Our Clients

Our main clients are multinational and local companies working in the field of Semiconductors, Electronic Design Automation and Integrated Circuits development, also already established off-shore centers of competence like Mentor Graphics Egypt who has the advantage of having some of the company know-how in their Egyptian engineering team, thus serving them would mean benefiting from state-of-the-art technology they use.

Core Team

Our core team consists of several senior engineers who worked in various fields serving well known companies in the field of IC design. In Addition we train new graduates. This Combination enables us to build a world class team of consultants who have a diverse set of talents.


Scenario executive management team is composed of executives and technologists who have served at a range of well-known high technology companies in the semiconductor and electronic design automation industries. Our management team has complementary capabilities, which shows already great benefits during day to day work. There is a clear assignment of roles and responsibilities which each one is accountable for. The main key players of the team are:

Sameh Shaheen - Managing Director

Prior to founding Scenario Design Services in the end of 2004, Mr. Shaheen worked as a senior digital designer at Infineon Technologies AG in Munich, during the period from 2001 till 2004 he contributed in the project management, planning and design of few crypto modules and memory products. In 1998 he was chosen by Mentor Graphics among a team of two engineers to form the nucleus of the Mentor Consulting team in Cairo. As an acknowledgment to his efforts and the role he played in establishing good business relations through notable communication and high quality services he was announced the best employee in Mentor Graphics Egypt in 2000. From 1997 till 1998 he was the CAD department senior Engineer in IEP one of the largest consumer electronics companies in Egypt. Shortly after his graduation from the electrical engineering school at Cairo University in 1996 he joined IBM as an external vendor for a 6 month program where he gained a notable experience in Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Samir El Sharkawy - Financial Controller

Samir El Sharkawy has more than 20 years of experience in the area of finance. He held various senior positions in multinational companies operating in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. His main focus is accounting, planning and controlling.


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